Thursday, 27 June 2013

Calling A SPAD a SPAD

 Mary McArdle a SPAD who is losing her job.

Old Knudsen often trades barbs with lesser mortals because they dare enter his Interweb space and get on as if they know what they are talking about. The Facebook page Flipside kindly posted my United Ireland rant and some nationalist types suggested that Old Knudsen was incorrect and even name called .... did Old Knudsen call any of these fuckwits names? he may have said that terrorists and their supporters were scum but I don't think he said, "listen Dom, yer a fucking stupid moron who is like a fly beating against a pane of glass, you just don't get it douchebag."

I did refer to myself as a Unionist, thats because I agree that Northern Ireland is better off being a part of the UK . When Shinners here the word 'Unionist' they can't go any further, logic and reason leaves the building. The discussion was about SPADs, the governmental advisers hired from a pool of ex convicted terrorists who kept their mouths shut during the Troubles and this was their reward, a nice cushy job.  Sinn Fein is the biggest offender with the SPADs and so many Shinners just see it as an attack... which it is but still, it's morally wrong.  

One person did have sense to speak:

"Why the fuck are we paying 90k for someone who's only qualification was being so shit at terrorism that they got caught or their only qualification is who daddy knows?" If the excuse is that it keeps Chucks in line with the peace process, then how about using the money to fund decent scholarships or apprenticeships in under privileged areas instead.?"

Old Knudsen compared the outrage of hiring SPADs to hiring serial killers like Rose West or the Moors murderers. Just rubbing the faces of the victims in it.

Moron one said:  
Your mention of Rosemary West in the context of this issue makes you sound like an absolute plonker.

I know you are but what am I? .... I am a plonker with a blog thats what. 

Moron two said: 
Wow Soren you compare Rosemary West to the friends, neighbours and colleagues that a substantial number of us gave our support to for many years......what a stupid,stupid,stupid thing to say.

So because you and others support them and are related to them I'm the one saying stupid things? The page you are commenting on does not support these people .... oh I know that dissidents infect it from time to time but what can you do?

Lets try to think here for a moment, many people were related to and supported the Shankill butchers, that abducted and hacked to bits and shot 19 Catholics. These guys were indeed serial killers wrapped up in sectarianism. They would make great SPADs wouldn't they? ... ohhh just think about the Sinn Fein outrage.

These guys killed Fenians in the same manner as drummer Lee Ribgy was killed by the Muslim dudes. 

So you support your own side when they brutally kill .... but you don't like it when the Prods do it?

Old Knudsen is unbiased, he thinks the Taigs and the Hun terrorists are as bad as each other, they chose to kill people who were no threat to them and who were unarmed, the fact that you chose to support those killers merely means that yer as big a cock sucker as they are.

When Old Knudsen was recently watching a documentary about the Shankill butchers he glanced to the side and saw Fred and Rose West just above an IRA video.  It's almost as if normal people without a bigoted agenda view them both as murdering scum.

Seeing this video ranked with the IRA was obviously a sign from Gog. There was indeed more stupidity and name calling from these rocket surgeons but it makes Old Knudsen said that people can be this dumb.

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