Thursday, 13 June 2013

Big In Japan

Not being racist or anything but what the fuck is wrong with the Japs? If there is any odd/weird thing going on you just know they are doing it.

They wank to cartoon weemen with big heads and eyes. Ya wonder why there are so many pedos around? Cartoons are for kids, gurls in cartoons showing their gunties is just one step away from kiddie fiddling. Jap gurls pay to have crooked teeth to make their smiles appear younger.... it's wrong on so many levels and not even good animation. 

They love Nazis and dressing up as such. Let me remind you that the Nips were asked to surrender during WWII, they said "no" so the Yanks dropped a nuke on them. Terrible destruction and loss of life, shit the Yanks weren't bluffing huh.
So they asked for surrender yet again and the Nips said "no" so they dropped another one on them and then they surrendered.

What kind of fucked in the head nation needs two nukes dropped on it before it surrenders?

They also lick door handles ??????? .... Old Knudsen doesn't even like to touch door fucking handles.

And they lick pussy .... ugh! I'm more of a dog lover, yes that includes yer Ma!

Ok I get it, weemen in Jap culture have agreed to be men's sexual fantasy actors. They need some backbone to stand up for themselves and for men to start looking after their needs .......... for all you sexy slitty eyed Jap chicks.... Attractive chinks and Koreans too as Old Knudsen cannae tell any of youse apart anyway. 

School kids in Japland are licking each other's eyeballs because I guess making out is too normal for them.
Ach when they get older it will be their dick they'll want to put anywhere they can. 

Thanks to that eye snog they tend to get eye infections and end up wearing a dopey looking patch .... which has now become a trend to wear.

The Japs are very hive minded and behave more like ants or bees than humans. It reminds me of the Airplane movie when a guy on the dance floor gets stabbed in the back and is doing exaggerated staggering, everyone else thinks it's a new dance and all start to do it ...... thats the Japs.   

Due to the tons of suicides always happening there you don't have to ask, "If yer friend jumped off a bridge would you do the same?"  I think we know the answer.

Hi guys, got any rape?

Japs men are such lookers, no wonder the weemen will degrade themselves that little bit extra for them.