Sunday, 9 June 2013

Arse Sunday

Scarlet Johansson may have a little cottage cheese on her legs but Old Knudsen doesn't care, he'd use her shite for toothpaste. 

So I was sitting there, half blootered on a Saturday night, drinking alone and hating the world, me service revolver sitting there with one round in the chamber and I thought to meself, 'can't wallow in self pity, must do a post of sexy weemen to lure Christians and TV presenters away from the kiddies.' I'm in the mood for arses you can slap an bite so here you go.

This lass has a great pair of child bearing hips. 

Seriously odd shape but strangely compelling, do blokes really need to see her face?

A nice bog standard arse, the old reliable of bottoms.

 A playful look that says 'I'm gonna have my way with you.'

Always save the best for last.