Sunday, 30 June 2013

Fast Zombies

If yer bored rent out my zombie movie '28 wanks later' about a zombie who is a serial wanker and spreads the zombie virus with money shots.
Fast zombies freak me out, I need a walker with a slow hand, I need a biter with an easy touch, I need a zombie who will take some time not eating brains in a heated rush. 

Give Jamie Bryson An Oscar

Poor Jamie Bryson, it turns out that the Union flag poster boy has a martyred cousin who is a hero to the IRA and the cunts who support them.

For fucks sake well that explains why this little twerp popped up to speak for the people during their time of need and only succeeded in making the whole flegger movement into a failure and a joke.

A skinny wee runt with a comedy voice who gives dumb interviews and hour long hunger strikes that end in curry... LOL. That explains the whole being a Fenian when on holiday thing.  Bryson is a fucking method acting genius!

Old Knudsen was taken in, I could not believe that anyone could be that pathetic and was dismayed for humanity, he played his role bloody well.
Go on Jamie say something stupid, "We want a peaceful solution and would never throw wocks, oh and Protestants cannot be terrorists by the way only Fenians can " ..... DOH!

Like a Simon Pegg kinda role, no wonder no one took him seriously. 

There was always that tension between Bryson and Willie Frazer.  Frazer can smell a horse meat loving taig terrorist a mile away. No wonder Jamie wanted to be moved from sharing a prison cell with him to go be with the UVF types.
I bet Frazer was asking all sorts of questions and Jamie was worried about breaking his cover.

Just makes you wonder how many more sleeper agents are in the UVF. I bet that after this the UVF will start watching, 'Who do you think you are' for tips in researching each other's family trees.



Religion Needs Tits

So it's Sunday, you can either go to church, eye up the little children and top up yer Heaven reward points. Or ya can repent and look at all the tasty norks in this post.

I would have thought it was a no brainer but you lot ..... Christians aren't too bright.

Yer told that if you live life in accordance to what yer religion says then you'll get yer reward after death.
That sounds a little bit like those e-mails that have several million dollars stuck in a foreign bank and only you can get it out ..... dear friend.

Don't count yer chickens until yer covering their firm yet soft cooked flesh in Miracle whip and sinking yer teeth into them.

Ohhh speaking of sinking yer teeth into something.

Old Knudsen would rather get his reward while hes alive rather than trust what some sexually  frustrated attention hoor bible thumper tells him. I've been lied to so many times and now know to say, "boy does that sound like horseshit."

My reward today will be a mouthful of skittles.... Yes the yellow ones do still taste like regret poured cold onto yer naked spine.


Saturday, 29 June 2013

No Flag No Prospects

You might not have the Union flag flying over Belfast city hall everyday but you still have the rest of yer culture, aye and it's the best bits too.

Vandalising, stealing and arson. I've seen tidier gypsy camps, get that pile of shite moved. 

Lemurs Have Killed Mandela

All the nations of the world have been infected by a malicious evil known as the New world order of the Lemur nation. They have their human hybrid infiltrators who manipulate world events for ultimate lemur domination.    

Now and again their glamor magic glitches and you can catch a glimpse of their lemur selves. Old Knudsen has been called mad and insane but he is the only one that can see the ultimate truth. A sure way to spot a lemur is anyone who dislikes Old Knudsen or disagrees with him. I mean, only a lemur could be against the death penalty for rapists and pedos.

While the world talks about whistle blowing gheys and their marriage or guns and flags an shit, Old Knudsen will be reading the important news.
Nelson Mandela may be a former terrorist and world leader but Old Knudsen knows him better as being a powerful Warlock .... he has slipped into the Odin sleep and if he does not awaken then I fear that we have lost South Africa to those bug eyed demons.

Stay frosty my friends, it is the lemurs you need to be worrying about for they are judging you with their big bug eyes.


Spread Em

Tesco will never again mess with Old Knudsen. I saw this sign and I was outraged!!!!! For two years of constant fighting and over £80,000 in court costs which the tax payer will be paying cos Old Knudsen claims to be poor ..... lol!  I fought for you and I won. 

Old Knudsen is the champion of the people and has got Tesco to change their offensive signs to this.

No need to thank me for defending culture. 

Friday, 28 June 2013

I Want To Be Popular

George Osborne is a British Conservative politician. He is the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Second Lord of the Treasury .... the guy who does the budget for the nation. An English toff with Irish roots as he is the heir to two estates there .... to be sure.

How does a man with a personal fortune of around £4 million make himself popular to the public? Future votes and possible Tory leadership depends on it. 

With no previous experience of economics he holds the purse strings of the UK, cutting welfare programs and spending yet giving the Queen a £5 million pay rise, he has a difficult position to make himself more appealing to the average Mirror or Daily Mail reader.

So what do you do?

You eat commoner food .... um don't you want some brown sass on that?

You drink cups of tea with the lads. Corr the office sure was hot today, the gravy was pouring off me as I was cutting the disability allowance.

 Read to some children, it worked well for George Bush.

Meet some war heroes, hope they don't mention the lack of help their families get from the government .... sooo boring.

Just by jogging you are saying that yer better than the rest of us you fucking cunt! We only wear tracksuits, we don't fucking run ..... unless the peelers are chasing us.  Tracksuits are also handy if yer fat, have no self respect and want easy access for a spot of rape.

Tweet a picture of you eating a burger and chips thats fucking common isn't it? Except it was a
£10 burger because as you stated "McDonald's doesn't deliver" Aye it's called the drive thru ya baw beg.
Ok I'll give you this one .... no wait, I don't see any ketchup. For fucks sake George you had one job to do, just like yon pasty you don't have any sasses with it. If you want to be like common people and what to do whatever common people do then use condom-mints like brown sass, red sass and vinegar .... also remember to heap the salt on.

Bollocks! they forgot my side order of caviar , this isn't fair.

Update: Osborne's comment "McDonald's doesn't deliver" was good, except that the gourmet restaurant Byron doesn't deliver either, does he know where his food even comes from?  I bet it's like Pinkdot in LA in which he uses a courier service and Osborne is just too out of touch to know this. 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hows That Freedom Working Out For You?

Do you know whats wrong with young people today? ... well besides no work ethic, yes I'm looking at you Snowden, they haven't gained wisdom from movies of the 80's. If yer gonna betray yer cuntry then the last place you go to is Russia.

Have you never watched the movie The Falcon and the Snowman? 'This would never happen in America! ..... this is not America.' 

How the fuck did Sean Penn get out? I was hoping the reds would have sent him to a gulag ... not the one Old Knudsen was sent to of course.

First Snowden goes to China, then Russia where he still is and he hopes to find sanctuary in Ecuador. Hey why not try North Korea or Iran while yer at it?

Many see him as a hero exposing how the US is spying on it's people ... um yeah, we already know. It's very telling that these crusaders for free speech and liberty always seek refuge with the nations with the worse records for free speech and liberty... You attacked the wrong cuntry asshole.


Do You Smell That?

Calling A SPAD a SPAD

 Mary McArdle a SPAD who is losing her job.

Old Knudsen often trades barbs with lesser mortals because they dare enter his Interweb space and get on as if they know what they are talking about. The Facebook page Flipside kindly posted my United Ireland rant and some nationalist types suggested that Old Knudsen was incorrect and even name called .... did Old Knudsen call any of these fuckwits names? he may have said that terrorists and their supporters were scum but I don't think he said, "listen Dom, yer a fucking stupid moron who is like a fly beating against a pane of glass, you just don't get it douchebag."

I did refer to myself as a Unionist, thats because I agree that Northern Ireland is better off being a part of the UK . When Shinners here the word 'Unionist' they can't go any further, logic and reason leaves the building. The discussion was about SPADs, the governmental advisers hired from a pool of ex convicted terrorists who kept their mouths shut during the Troubles and this was their reward, a nice cushy job.  Sinn Fein is the biggest offender with the SPADs and so many Shinners just see it as an attack... which it is but still, it's morally wrong.  

One person did have sense to speak:

"Why the fuck are we paying 90k for someone who's only qualification was being so shit at terrorism that they got caught or their only qualification is who daddy knows?" If the excuse is that it keeps Chucks in line with the peace process, then how about using the money to fund decent scholarships or apprenticeships in under privileged areas instead.?"

Old Knudsen compared the outrage of hiring SPADs to hiring serial killers like Rose West or the Moors murderers. Just rubbing the faces of the victims in it.

Moron one said:  
Your mention of Rosemary West in the context of this issue makes you sound like an absolute plonker.

I know you are but what am I? .... I am a plonker with a blog thats what. 

Moron two said: 
Wow Soren you compare Rosemary West to the friends, neighbours and colleagues that a substantial number of us gave our support to for many years......what a stupid,stupid,stupid thing to say.

So because you and others support them and are related to them I'm the one saying stupid things? The page you are commenting on does not support these people .... oh I know that dissidents infect it from time to time but what can you do?

Lets try to think here for a moment, many people were related to and supported the Shankill butchers, that abducted and hacked to bits and shot 19 Catholics. These guys were indeed serial killers wrapped up in sectarianism. They would make great SPADs wouldn't they? ... ohhh just think about the Sinn Fein outrage.

These guys killed Fenians in the same manner as drummer Lee Ribgy was killed by the Muslim dudes. 

So you support your own side when they brutally kill .... but you don't like it when the Prods do it?

Old Knudsen is unbiased, he thinks the Taigs and the Hun terrorists are as bad as each other, they chose to kill people who were no threat to them and who were unarmed, the fact that you chose to support those killers merely means that yer as big a cock sucker as they are.

When Old Knudsen was recently watching a documentary about the Shankill butchers he glanced to the side and saw Fred and Rose West just above an IRA video.  It's almost as if normal people without a bigoted agenda view them both as murdering scum.

Seeing this video ranked with the IRA was obviously a sign from Gog. There was indeed more stupidity and name calling from these rocket surgeons but it makes Old Knudsen said that people can be this dumb.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Glue Makes Everything Feel Right

Death To Pedos Rant ... Again

Cherish lily Perrywinkle was a happy 8 year-old girl who talked about dolls and fairies and that liked to play dress up.
She was out with her mother and two siblings at a Dollar store in Jacksonville Florida when what appeared to be a good Samaritan offered to take them to Walmart to buy them some clothes as they appeared to be down on their luck. Smith had overheard her saying she couldn’t afford to buy her daughter a dress, and offered to help her out using his wife’s Walmart gift card.

The mother Rayne Perrywinkle first she thought Smith was “creepy and annoying,” but seemed like he truly wanted to help her and her family. “Part of me wanted to believe this was a blessing for my children,” she said. 

After a few hours of shopping for clothes Donald James Smith the good Samaritan suggested that he buy the family some burgers while he waited for his wife to get there with the gift card, he and Cherish set off towards the front of the store where the McDonald's was but they didn't stop.
Her lifeless body in a wooded area near a church 4 miles away.

A quick judgement from Old Knudsen has this family as being white trash Florida folk. One of the younger kids is named Destiny ...... says it all. Why did the mother wait 2 hours before calling the police? Who waits 2 hours for a Walmart dress?  The mother is an idiot! 

Donald James Smith is a 56 year-old who was recently released from prison and has a criminal history of child abuse and torture that goes back decades.

Remember back in 2005? Jessica Lunsford was taken from her home, raped and tortured for 3 days before being buried alive by sex offender John Couey,  in Florida .... of course.

Jessica's law was set up to electronically tag all sex offenders and keep a tighter control on their where abouts. Advocates for convicted sex offenders claim that the civil rights of the sex offenders are infringed upon and the poor child rapers get a lifetime of stigma.  

Dead children get laws made in their name such as Sarah's law, Jonathan's law, Megan's law and many more so then people can say well they didn't die for nothing. Where was Jessica's law here? 

Fuck the lifetime of stigma, pedos cannot be rehabilitated. They only behave themselves in prison because there are no children there .... like duh! You should only be allowed civil and human rights if you respect those of others, otherwise you are an beast with no rights who cannot live in civilized society. 

That includes those who shoot up schools and cinemas and those who plant bombs on busy shopping streets..... you are scum that needs to be destroyed. 

It isn't about sex for the pedos it's about control so don't waste yer time talking about castration. Is Old Knudsen the only one who wants pedos destroyed as you would a rabid dog? Is Old Knudsen the only one who wants to keep hitting these pedos in the face with a claw hammer while shouting, "was it worth it?" until they stop moving?

Prison is not a deterrent, US prisons down Florida way are like Fightclub meets Beyond the thunder dome where you get shived with a sharpened toothbrush for yer fags (cigarettes not queers) or for just being you, in the UK prisons are holiday camps so what is the point of putting these people through the legal system only for them to be a drain on resources? 

Kill pedos and you won't have to make laws for dead kids. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Italian Hallion

Karima El Mahroug AKA Ruby the heart stealer doing her sexy dance. I likey.

Silvio Berlusconi the former Prime Minister of Italy has been sentenced to 7 years in prison and banned from public office because he was found guilty of having sex with an underage prostitute (she was 17) and using his leverage to get theft charges dropped for her during a separate incident.

Italians are a proud and noble people with strict rules for honor: Alls fair in love and war, he who fights and runs away lives to fuck yer Ma another day, keep incest in the family, don't fuck a prostitute who is under 18 years of age and never get caught fucking an underage prostitute. Pretty basic and a more simpler in tune with nature way of living. 

  If it itches tell the bitches!

Don't worry folks, Mr Berlusconi will probably never serve any time in jail due to the apathetic legal system and lenient sentencing for over 70 year-olds and hes a fiery 76 year-old.  

Old Knudsen doesn't know what weemen see in him .... oh thats right, he has to pay for it. Old Knudsen has never paid for sex. He pays hookers their price as an act of helping someone reduced to selling their body for a living, the sex is merely a byproduct.  
What will Silvio do to fill in his days besides fucking all round him and singing like a drunken pub singer?
Well since hes barred from Italian politics I've heard that a Northern Ireland party may be interested in him, they share similar ideas about power and money but would rather have a cup of tea than sexual intercourse ..... well with a woman anyway. 
Also Berlusconi has been persecuted by the law for illegal shit hes done which obliviously isn't fair, though having a criminal record is a requirement in Norn Iron politics. He likes his secret organizations and allegedly has ties with the Italian version of the UVF known as the Mafia.  He may be Catholic but hey, no one is perfect. 


Monday, 24 June 2013

The Protestant Coalition Standing Proud For The Prods

Old Knudsen is a kind and loving deity and as you know ... he is the way. He doesn't mind who steals pictures from his blog for the blog is an act of Gog and should reach everyone of you shites, aye even the ones that find my blog by Googling rude words ..... you know who you are.

Ya know, that isn't true, Old Knudsen does mind it when certain people steal his work The Protestant Coalition for example, however I am a Gog of forgiveness and I give you a picture you can use to promote yer cause. I'd put yer website address on it but yer site seems to be doon, not paying her bills huh? Aye court fees suck big time.

If enough people click on this post then the above picture will find it's way into the image search every time The Protestant Coalition is searched for, yes it's the gift that keeps giving. 

Hose Pipe Ban

It's a busy Monday, I've got tradesmen coming in to fix things, am waiting on some deliveries still got the police forensic people here trying to frame me with a 1994 murder .... me... kill another human? I love people oh so much it is not in me to kill .

Then I go outside to see my gardener doing this, Old Knudsen went ape-shit, no wonder me fuchsias are dying.
She was cutting me grass too low anyway .... Me life is also ruined thanks to that bint. Hey Bono, fuck the Africans and help Old Knudsen for his problems are far more serious. He needs a new gardener who will work for less than minimum wage. I'm up hill so I'll need an uphill gardener.

Old Knudsen has no time to be on the blog today so fuck away off.

Sunday, 23 June 2013


Faster than a speeding Land rover and as powerful as limp lettuce. The defender of Sinn Fein truth, questionable justice and 16 year-old boys. 

Andressa Urach Melts My Spunk!

Also known as Miss Bumbum Andressa Urach is a Brazilian lady who is bound to cure Christians of their child sex addictions.

  You'd think she'd have a better tan .... I do try not to judge.

Not an attention hoor at all, oh no.

When she goes out for a jog it's all serious business, pounding the pavement relentlessly the sweat pouring off her perfect bum.

But you do have to stop right at those photographers in yer snake like outfit and stretch or ya might hurt yerself.
And bend, yer massive ear rings almost touching the ground, serious runners always have big ear rings in.

Silly me did my lace come untied? .... no? well let me bend over again to check it.

 You love it bitches, I can stick it out all day.

I should also maybe jog for a bit, luckily the coffee shop isn't far, are they still looking at me?

Thanks for the selfie love, Old Knudsen forgives yer vain ways.

 Roll up yer tongue dude, whats yer wife gonna say?