Friday, 3 May 2013

You Wish You Looked Like Me

Some men who were visiting Saudi Arabia from the United Arab Emirates were allegedly grabbed by members of Saudi Arabia’s religious police who deported them because they were too handsome. Old Knudsen had this same problem when he visited Ballymena once.

The religious police were worried that unaccompanied females would be driven wild with desire .... you know what those weemen are like, dirty slappers who think about sex, all the time.

I need Old Knudsen in my bearded love-clam now! ooh I also need a shite too, I'll wait until the last minute for full effect. I'd love to drop a hot lunch on that old man's chest.
For fucks sake weemen, quit it!  We're not just walking sex bags to be lusted after. I want weemen to want me for the person I am, not just because I've a huge cock and the stamina of an Olympic athlete.

One of the men Omar Borkan Al Gala a fashion photographer, model, actor and poet from Dubai is cashing in on this story. Hes good looking and can take a good picture but hes nothing special... get out more if you think hes overly good looking.

Just one of those Arab wigger types that choose dodgy clothes which are in the style of US clothes but the brands and colours etc are just too off to be cool. Trying too hard I suppose.

Yer ex was also kicked out of Saudi Arabia for being too good looking ..... oh and fondling kiddies too, boy you can sure pick em.