Monday, 20 May 2013

X - Men Are Hot!

God makes us in his own image .... allegedly, terms and conditions and a few facts may apply.  So what if she used to pee standing up? Old Knudsen thinks it's great that we can make hot weemen out of men in case we ever had a shortage. 
Jenna Talackova the Canadian model and television personality who won the right to compete in the 2012 Miss Universe Canada pageant after initially being disqualified for not being born a women. She had her tackle clipped when he was 19 and now he is a she.

We'd just need some volunteers to get the chop and be a hot woman  .... go on, take one for the team.  

As much as I like looking at half naked weemen I don't like yon beauty pageants as well the weemen may work hard at being beautiful but I look at them and have usually seen better, too fake looking for Old Knudsen.

You can't claim in total honesty that this is the best in the country, world or universe. So many eating disorders, fake boobs and bleached hair.

Only a man would get his dick lobbed off and enter a weemen's beauty contest .... maybe a secret agent fighting against weemen's rights?  In a round about way Jenna will help with equality in this weird backwards sexist, racist, bigoted world.

Now go put the kettle on love, I'm dying for a cuppa.