Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wildthing You Make Some Cupcakes

Before you take inspiration from song lyrics you should always check out if the singer believes it or has it not sunk in after singing it for the last 20 years... Is there wisdom to be found in songs?

Of course this was before they fell out and broke up ... before you know it one gets shot, one becomes a boozy train engine another becomes a soft pop success that likes fuzzy animals and the quiet one that got slagged off showed he had a fair amount of talent.  Oh and all you need is love? .... so you don't want the record sales then?

Old Knudsen is glad that Morrissey takes child rearing [insert own pedo joke here] seriously but what doesn't this miserable fucker take seriously? Gurlfriend in a coma, is that to be taken seriously or taken as a sign to get another gurlfriend?

You can believe Elvis though. If you weren't always on his mind he might have thought about taking less pills and more fiber .... you killed Elvis you, log steamer.

Which leads me on to another point about how important it is to have regular shits.

Most accidents happen in the kitchen, unless yer Old Knudsen then most accidents happen on the floor of Tesco or Burger King or in his troosers... But most heart attacks happen on the toilet. Old Knudsen is surprised that doctors don't advise people to take a dump for their health issues. "Doctor can ye give me something for my back pain?" .....  "fuck away aff and have a shit instead of using up valuable NHS resources, YOU are what is wrong with this cuntry!" 

Some song lyrics are just plain stupid. What about 'Love the thing you love the most?'

Too many people not knowing anything, 'What is love uh uh uh uh ve anyway?' .... 'I wanna know what love is' ..... 'Is this love is this love is this love that I'm feeling?' 

Some songs are merely about asthma and how their lover refuses to give up smoking and so takes her breath away.

In case you missed it, Terri Nunn, the singer of yon song was/is extremely hot... Old Knudsen has the horn, as usual.   

Of course what did Plath know? A selfish cunt who killed herself leaving two young children.

Don't take songs to heart, before you know they'll end up of those stupid memes.