Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Fall Has Fallen And It Cannot Get Up

The Fall is a TV show set in Belfast about an English police detective played by Gillian Anderson who sees the links in some murders and says that Belfast has a serial killer.

It's a bit like the Sheriff in Jaws trying to convince people there is a Great white, she says serial killer and no one believes her.

Anderson's DI Stella Gibson is played with a bored reserve. The character isn't very complex it's like an asshole guy but it's a woman, cos thats what weemen in charge are like... Anderson's accent is dull and drab just like her acting, only flaky Anderson can make a sex scene the place where you get up to put the kettle on, remember when she was hot? Those were the days. Now she channels Megan Fox, was GA always kinda dumb or did I just not notice because she gave me the horn?

The serial killer goes after attractive dark haired professional weemen.  Jamie Dornan who plays the killer by night and by day is a family therapist Phil Spector frowns a lot and looks as dark and menacing as celery.

 He likes to sniff knickers and freshly washed dead woman's hair ... who doesn't?  

The show isn't very ..... interesting, even a hot naked dead woman getting her nails painted is kinda dull.
The show was eagerly accepted with people looking for the locations of where the scenes were filmed. Botanic gardens, Holiday Inn and serial killers walking around the Holylands of Belfast ..... now it's "wow this show is boring crap" there was certainly a lot of hype thanks to the famous female lead.

Game of thrones is filmed in Northern Ireland and so will the new Dracula film. Dracula will be a spide from East Belfast who can't find any virgins to feed on as the millies of Belfast are born pregnant with their father's babies.

Unless the Fall comes up with blood sucking midgets fucking hot chicks then I think Old Knudsen is done with it.

I'd love to see some zombie movies made in Northern Ireland as we have plenty of dumb looking people with vacant open mouthed stares to fill the roles.

The day of the mouth breathers staring Stephen Baldwin ..... sounds great huh.