Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Sermon On The Mounts

Happy Sunday! can I interest you Christian pedos in some adults for a change? Check out this lass, shes attractive, Old Knudsen wouldn't kick her out of bed .... unless he had just cum and wanted a cuppa that is.
Look at the nice heart shaped arse, fine child bearing hips for a skinny lass.

This lass has great hair and going by those glasses shes wearing she is obviously very intelligent. Is that a pro or a con? well Old Knudsen likes weemen with brains, I know Christians and the other religions connected to Christianity don't like their weemen too smart ... they should know their place.

Old Knudsen likes weemen to know their place too, but not in the same way as religion does. Under Old Knudsen, on top of Old Knudsen etc etc ... know yer place!

While a pleasing form is nice, a sharp quick witted mind is even more sexy. The imaginary friend known to Christians, Jews and Muslims should in theory not be very pleased with his followers but what can you expect when you only give lip service to free will and don't appreciate the power of deductive logic?

Too many people telling others what they should think and what they should be doing. If they aren't Old Knudsen then they should fuck off!