Friday, 3 May 2013

Poots Hates Old People And Sick Children

Too many people in Northern Ireland ranting on about flags and their British identity when people like Edwin Poots are closing hospitals and rest homes, when people like Nelson McCauseland are privatising the housing executive and others like Danny Kennedy are wasting millions of pounds building roads that no one wants or needs.

Where are the protests about the real important issues? If the children's heart operation unit gets moved from Belfast down to Dublin then children will die sooner or later.  Poots is up to his neck in bad publicity so I think some flagging trouble is needed to bail him out.

It just shows you how stupid the Loyalists really are to have gotten worked up over the flag just like the DUP had planned so they could get all the important stuff done under the flag smoke screen.

I know that Loyalists can't really understand the more important issues but it's bad when Unionist Poots is trying to send children to Dublin and a member of Sinn fein is against the idea. All the Loyalists are thinking is flag, flag, flag, flag ..... you can't have yer fucking flag.

Go protest something that matters or is yer culture of drinking, fires, drums and drinking the only thing you know?