Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Playing With Fire

Loyalist culture is very important .... but only to Loyalists.

Loyalists are thick necked, tattooed, poorly educated common people who identify with the Protestant religion be they Christian or not.  Like supporting a football team, c'mon you Prods! They even have their own colours. 

Nothing says class like a neck tattoo. 

Fuck the teachings of Jesus these people get on more like Islamists, "I'll knock yer shite in if yer not a Protestant!" They follow the teachings of their housing estate, if yer not us then yer against us. Wot U lukin at?

Loyalist culture involves drinking and other activities in relation to drinking. It's so bad that every time there is a parade or event, it has to be posted that people 'not' drink alcohol at it because Loyalists are famous for not being able to handle their drink and will cause trouble, a bit like yon American injuns with their fire water.

Kind of embarrassing. A beer belly and double chin is seen as a status symbol and shows yer importance within the local housing estate tribe, on weemen it is seen as a sign of beauty and willingness to mate.... due to inbreeding, many Loyalists only have chins that are made of fat.

Do you know where yer children are? ... nah I don't give a fuck either.

Look how free we are, what other people let their children go to an area they don't own and let them set fire to it?
While Americans give guns to their kids you have to admit that 3rd degree burns are far more impressive than a sibling with their brains sprayed over the wall.

Two bullet headed Loyalist children show off their manners and shit stained fingers. Using each other as finger puppets is an important part of Loyalist history dating back to 1913.

Bonfire night in Northern Ireland Loyalist culture is the 11th July and in English Loyalist culture 5th November.
The English spoil their night by having small fires, only drinking enough to get stagger drunk and shoot off fireworks into the air.... fucking ghey. 
In Northern Ireland we take things more seriously. Fireworks are shot off but usually at each other or at pets or people's hooses, if fingers are lost then it was a good night. Our bonfires usually dwarf nearby buildings and as stagger drunk is normal everyday life for most Northern Ireland people they make sure they get, fighting, puking, falling, sexually abusing someone drunk .... just like their hero King William of Orange did in 1690 before he fell off his horse and died . If yer gonna have culture then do it right.

Recession is not a word that Loyalists understand, neither is education or work but thats besides the point.
Every year materials to burn are deposited usually by a roadside a couple of months before the 11th July. This pile of rubbish will grow and grow and often becomes a playground for Loyalist children.

In the Loyalist community children are not of value and so this is usually the only time in which they have toys in their lives. A broken pallet and 100 tyres can become a fort or potential death trap for their young, underdeveloped minds to create.

Every year councils spend around £173,224 on the clean up of bonfire sites and £80,000 is spent repairing roads that sustain fire damage ..... HAHAHAHA whoever it is that pays taxes is paying this, class or what? 

Beats paying for schools and hospitals... the government pays for those right?  

Not to mention the cost of policing hundreds of drunken teenagers and youths then there are the 800 plus call outs for the fire brigade ..... ain't no fucking recession here. Spending other people's money in the name of culture transcends recession.  

Old Knudsen has said that rapists, murderers and pedos in prison are a drain on society and should be executed, well Loyalists are just as bad ... but what they do is legal.

 A local wide bellied beauty flapping her bingo wings in a grotesque mating dance. Tracksuits are worn for easy access to genitals.

Northern Ireland may not be the home of the brave but it certainly is the land of the free .... handout.