Thursday, 2 May 2013

No Surrender Key

In support of Loyalists Against Democracy on Facebook who had this picture removed by the IRA or someone like that, Old Knudsen is making sure it goes out to the world.

A special computery keyboard to aid Fleggers in making important comments online such as "its a disgrase de PSNIRA an de DUPIRA wif S/FIRA r attaching de PUL commodity wif there brutality wee did do nuthin ever never!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fleg!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!"

The IRA along with Taigbook cannot deny us key equipment like this, that is designed to help the mentally challenged Flegger communicate. They have some rights too ..... maybe. 

Once all the Northern Ireland rest homes are closed doon we'll then have our workforce to crank out these dread machines of fleggerism and Flegger logic and reason will get the Union fleg back up where it belongs.

No Surrender!!!!!!  unless it's cold out or bail conditions apply.