Thursday, 23 May 2013

Nelson McCauseland Is Full Of Shit

A new report issued by consultants RSM McClure Watters, who were hired by the Department for Social Development says that Orange Orders and Protestant marching bands generate almost £55 million in economic and social benefit to Northern Ireland.

That money includes volunteer work and fundraising because we all know what big hearts Loyalists have. Also through direct expenditure, on goods and services, including regalia, uniforms, instruments, bus hire and alcohol.
Tourists also love the parades and even though many locals go on holiday to avoid July, tourists vacation here because having everything closed or limited hours and getting car jacked appeals greatly to them.

Drew Nelson, the grand secretary of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, welcomed the report's findings ..... well no shit.

Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland said: "I am very pleased that my department has funded this very important piece of research which highlights the many benefits that the parading sector brings to Northern Ireland. For the first time we now have extensive, robust and independently collected data on the social and economic impact the sector delivers to our society."

So Nelson got his department to fund a report saying something that as an Orangeman himself would support .... and it's totally independent, even though he funded it.

Did it mention how many of the 750 Orange halls got refurbished with money from the national lottery? Instead of fixing up these buildings that sit empty for most of the time you could have taken some retarded children to the zoo or something or do something crazy like fix up a hospital wing or school.

Did the report mention how that all the direct expenditure on uniforms and instruments comes from the EU? people on welfare buying the odd  £1.50 Union flag to wear around their shoulders doesn't make the cuntry any money.
That money was to be used on cultural shit .... I don't remember being asked about my culture.  

The money is being diverted from people who need it and going to a bigoted sectarian organisation similar to the KKK. Tourists only cum to Northern Ireland by mistake cos they think it's Ireland and don't know about the parades until they get stranded in a place with everything closed.  

Did the report mention the cost of clean up after these events? the cost of policing, fire brigade and abulance services during these times?
Did the report mention the amount of lost business thanks to cunts with their flags? Have a nice Christmas last year? nope cos when I was going to go out I got stuck in road blocks and the continental market was closed early.

If you claim to be British then how about acting like it  and showing some manners for a change?

Hitler funded a report in 1937 saying that killing the Jews, gheys, immigrants and intellectuals made good economic sense.  
Nelson McCauseland, Orangman and member of the DUP is such a hairy faced lying sack of shit, like how privatizing social housing will be better for everyone .... aye like his mates with the government contracts and like how his friend Edwin Poots said closing all the old people's homes would help them receive better care .... huh?  

If the parades are so good for Northern Ireland then why is the place a backwards hole where sexism, sectarianism, bigotry, racism and terrorism are seen as culture and heritage?   

Old Knudsen cannot marry a dude or get an abortion ..... definitely no chance what so ever of doing either on a Sunday cos the whole fucking place is closed.

Hey Nelson, take yer bullshit, waste of tax payer money report and shove it up yer hole, who knows, you may like it..... but don't do it on a Sunday as God would not approve. 

Update: This report cost the tax payer £40,000. So thats £40,000 wasted just so that this cunt can have some self made publicity. I may get in contact with him as he is the man to know if you want business to come yer way.