Monday, 6 May 2013

Men Rule Gurls Drool

Yes I agree, weemen should be in the kitchen making tea .... that is their place, but Old Knudsen doesn't do misogyny.
He was most annoyed at yon girl and her 30 minute parallel parking going viral. "oh weemen can't park .... oh men are better drivers."

I like this caught in the moment picture. A pretty gurl with a great expression on her face as she chats at a party not realising someone is taking a picture. Full of fun and life and big boobs.

Hannah Seeley a 23 year-old midwife was driving home from work on a small road in Suffolk to be with the man she was to marry in 5 months.

Luke Anderson a 22 year-old boy racer whose nickname was 'The Stig' after a race car driver on a TV show was bombing doon the same road heading towards Hannah.

At 81 MPH Anderson came round a bend and drifted onto the other lane (as males tend to do) and smashed into Hannah's car killing her.
In his statement me noted that the road surface felt “damp” or “greasy” ......... still he drove like a twat.
The force of the impact was so bad Hannah's car was knocked to the side of the road. She was  pronounced dead at the scene.

It makes Old Knudsen annoyed that people are going on about weemen drivers and aren't they so inferior but don't talk about incidents like this. 
Men are seen as the better driver yet insurance for  males is higher than for females mostly because men are reckless drivers and cause most of the accidents .... yet here we are laughing at a woman parking. You try parking in a tight space when you know people are watching and laughing at you. 
Lets discuss how men weave all over the road and seem to think they have the right of way no matter what.
There are piss poor drivers in both the sexes and they get worse with age but I think that this stereotype is unfair and needs to go..... now back into yon kitchen woman an make me a cup O tae.