Saturday, 18 May 2013

Kai Gets More Than His Thumb Up

Remember Kai? he was the fake surfer dude hitchhiker who saved a woman from a giant psycho racist who claimed to be Jesus   ..... you know the type. 
Jesus rammed his truck into a guy in West Fresno and had him pinned underneath the truck. He got out and tried pulling on the man who was still alive. A witness to it all ran to help only to have Jesus grab her in a bear hug.
She was a black lady and probably wasn't comforted by this hug and the Savior's talk about ridding the world of darkies.    
 Jett Simmons McBride aged 54, is he Jesus? we just don't know. We are expecting a return are we not?

Kai who was getting a lift from the potential Messiah rushed out with his hatchet and 
SMASH! SMASH! SUUH-MAAASH! on the guy's head until he released the lady. 

After that Kai went viral on the Interweb,one YouTube getting viewed 3.9 million times, he gained cult status and was even on the Jimmy Kimmel show. 

Now things get odd - er.

Kai who still lives the home free life updated his Facebook account with this:  what would you do if you woke up with a groggy head, metallic taste in your mouth, in a strangers house... walked to the mirror and seen come dripping from the side of your face from your mouth, and started wretching, realizing that someone had drugged, raped, and blown their fuckin load in you? what would you do?

Don't we all ask questions like this one? if you woke up at a party with yer troosers doon and KY jelly around yer hole would you tell anyone? 

If the answer is no then you invite them to yer party.  

Lawyer Joseph Galfy Jr., was found dead in his New Jersey home ... 2 days after meeting Kai whose real name is Caleb “Kai” McGillvary. Kai went on the run, well a wee walk actually as he was caught and arrested for allegedly smashing his head in .... SUUH-MAAASH!  Bail set at $3 million.

As for the answer to what would you do? one bright spark wrote:  I would get on Facebook and ask what people would do if it happened.

Was Kai raped while drugged and then exacted justice? only he knows.