Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Irish Perspective

The picture says it all. Talking to most of these idiots is like talking to a brick wall or a teenager. It isn't just the moronic Protestant flegger, it's also their counterpart the Catholic slegger. Both extremely similar in outlook but if one says white then the other has to say black.

Accusing each other of things that both sides do, they use the same tactics and hurt their own communities.

"Dem uns flying dose flegs is a disgrease" then they go on to fly their own flags and think nothing of that.  
No knowing or caring if it offends but always looking for ways to be offended.

The Prod side supporting Israel (yet hating America) and the Catholic side supporting the Palestinians (and loving America ... mostly) guess what fuck faces? Neither Israel or Palestine are the good guys, they are both the bad guy so fuck up!

Back in the day the Prods and the Taigs fought together against the British, until the British kicked their arses and hung the leaders. After that the British made sure of the Prod/Catholic divide.

Now Old Knudsen is as proud to be British as he is to be Irish ..... which isn't very proud thanks to the fleggers and the dissidents but still, ever think that maybe the enemy here are the British?

What the fuck has lions got to do with Britain? 

Everywhere the British have gone around the world they have been kicked out, either by force or by politeness (commonwealth) ever wonder why no one likes us? cos we're pricks .... or rather our English overlords are, we're just pricks because they tell us to be.

China, kicked out. India, kicked out. Israel, we bravely retreated. America, kicked out ... twice. We also got the fuck out of Africa and much of the rest of the Middle east, but not by choice. 

In Ireland the English took a whack off the top but did offer to give it back during WWII.

An example of why the English were so unloved where ever they went was because the natives were treated like sub human slaves and they raped the land for the crown.

In Ireland there were miles and miles of forest, plenty of wildlife including wolves. 250 years later, most of the trees had gone and the wolves were extinct. After that it was made so bad that the people also tried to get out.

All the people that were left fucked their cousins and you have what you have today .... deliverance.

Like it or not, we all have Irish blood in our veins  ...... check out yer names, Irish or Scottish it's the same thing.
Oh and you lot who make yer name all Irish with fadas and shit .... yer dicks! 

History lesson for dummies: 

When the Gauls came from France and Spain and attacked the south of Ireland, many of those people moved north and even on to Scotland, then you had the Gaelic kingdom of  Dalriada between the north of Ireland and the west coast of Scotland.

Deny it all you like but yer the same people, yer all bog trotters who were probably Catholic because like duh, there was no Protestantism as yon German bloke hadn't made it up yet. 

Pre 1921 you were only British if you came from the mainland of Britain, even in the north of Ireland you were Irish. The British soldiers serving in Ireland (north or south) were doing 'foreign service' so Protestant or Catholic yer grandparents or great-grandparents were Irish! 

Sit doon for fucks sake, it's a shock isn't it? what you didn't think of it before hand? did you just think you popped out of Paisley's arse all Protestant?     

Protestants were long used by English monarchs to rid themselves of Irish land owners but now their usefulness has become a burden as they cause the English monarchs nothing but grief every silly season..... as much trouble as the fucking IRA have. 

Used originally for ethnic cleansing against the Catholics, the Protestants now claim they are being ethnically cleansed though no one is actually dying, the Prods are big wussy drama queens. 

It's just silly that people cannot be themselves in their own cuntry without fear of getting their windows smashed by either of the other side.    

Protestant, Catholic, who gives a fuck? there is no Christian God anyway and if there was he wouldn't like yer sort. Religion of peace .... what are ye, Muslim?