Saturday, 11 May 2013

Dr Who Scandal

Jimmy Savile, Freddy Star, Dave Lee Travis, Stuart Hall, Bill Roache, Michael Le Vell, Rolf Harris, Jim Davidson are all TV and radio names involved in alleged sexual attacks throughout their careers.  John Nathan-Turner who worked as a producer for Dr Who in the 80's and Gary Downie a production manager on the show also preyed upon the young fans for sex.

Now the finger points to the star of the show. Allegations against Dr Who, reports of instances of sexual molestation upon weemen and children dating back 10 million BC and as far forward as 4325AD.

 As one companion said, "He was funny and intelligent, promising me the stars then once he got me into that box of his."
    "You're trapped in Time and Relative Dimension ...... in Space."

No one was safe.

Why does an old man like him need all those young people with him?

Rule number one, the Doctor lies, rule number two, never use yer teeth while sucking his forked penis.

Research has uncovered that he is not even a doctor. His real name is Nigel Waxbottom and a PhD in Geography doesn't make you a fucking doctor!!!

The investigation continues as yet more shame is brought to the BBC. 

Tune in next week for Wesley Crusher's Enterprise of Hell!

Remember this post, don't let him travel back through time and delete it, we can't let him win.