Monday, 6 May 2013

David Ford Hates Fags

David Ford the leader of the Alliance party has been saying how difficult it has been balancing his party’s support for same sex marriage with his Presbyterian beliefs.

We just had the second vote in Northern Ireland for ghey marriage which failed, Mr Ford abstained from voting on it. He has also voluntarily stepped aside as an elder in his Presbyterian Church until it's safe to resume as many of his Christian congregation don't like faggots either.

The BBC and the Belfast Telegraph have mentioned how he has compared the debate over gay marriage to the civil rights campaign in Northern Ireland 50 years ago. The part they both leave out is him saying that ghey marriage is not to God's standard .... They don't want Alliance to look bad. 

Yer in government not the church, get yer head out of yer hole. If you can't do the job then find someone that can.
It's a matter of equality not what yer imaginary friend thinks. Old Knudsen is sick of politicians ignoring facts and what the people want but instead choose to read the Bible for advice.

You have said by yer actions that gheys are not equal. Do you hear that? that sound would be you loosing all the support you've recently gained from the flag protests. The people were believing in you but now you look like any other hypocritical political party of squabblers with an agenda.  

Stop sucking up to the middle class voters and do yer fucking job.