Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Clitoris ... Nubbin Or The Answer To Everything?

 It's "International Clitoris Awareness Week," for those who do not know about this event it's a week in which we celebrate this female body part.

Yer confused right? Old Knudsen has heard the word clitoris but where the fuck on a woman is it?

Maybe I should just post a lot of half naked weemen in the hopes of noticing it .... too Obvious my friend, Old Knudsen can't be that predictable.

Sorry about this one but I thought I saw something clitty.

A definition of clitoris.

A small erectile body situated at the anterior portion of the vulva and projecting between the branched extremities of the labia minora forming its prepuce and frenulum.

Well thats as clear as mud. Using the Latin I learned in Latin America I see something about a Volvo and a Labrador as in the dog which goes into a cocoon and eventually turns into  a magical winged fire breathing dog named Pigasass .... it looses a little in the translation but you get the gist. 

 So where is the clitoris? What is the clitoris?

Old Knudsen did 24 minutes of research on the subject because once hes eager to learn there is no holding him back.
It seems that some men are born with a clitoris on the end of their finger, well thats what my mate Dave said was on the end of his finger when I asked him. It's like a buzzer that gives pleasure to weemen I suppose.

Weemen also have one on their bodies ..... no really, don't panic for it is not harmful.

It's a button or a trigger like object found near a ladies front bottom ..... excuse the graphic description.
Upon touching, nudging or rubbing of said clitoris, intensity is added to sexual orgasm which is another thing Old Knudsen will have to do a search for someday.      

So there you go. In celebration of International Clitoris Awareness Week we have found the clitoris or at least the general area of it and have dispelled some of the mystery.

Weemen are weird, well what can you expect being made up with left over man parts? God probably had the clitoris labeled at some time but no doubt the sinful wench removed it so she'd have something to yap about.

Inside the ark of the covenant is said to be a scroll from God which is basically operating instructions on how to work weemen. Due to the loss of this scroll, over time we have lost the ability to read weemen's minds and do not know what weemen want. They are unable to tell us thanks to soft wear conflicts.
Hmmm, soft wear.

The scroll also told us where her magical G-spots are and how to stop them having those nasty period thingys also known as battle mode.

You set the ark doon to have a pish and when you look for it, it's gone, either Jews or Pikeys , who knows where it is now? 

Someday Jesus will return with his user ID and password to reset weemen which explains why he is so important.
If you ever find the clitoris, give it a push as you just never know.