Saturday, 25 May 2013

City Hall Protest

A big shout out to those who protested at Belfast city hall today. It was a beautiful day with the market on the city hall grounds selling kangaroo burgers and beer. I hope the protesters didn't blow all their welfare and disability money on the banners and getting some Scottish sympathizers over ... aye it's bad when you have to ship in some immigrants because the locals no longer care, only the really dumb ones are still at it.

They do at least have the support of the fictional Iron Maiden band mascot 'Eddie' and I hear 'Hong Kong Phooey' also supports them but couldn't make it over today.

With any luck all of this will be enough to get the Union flag flying on the City hall, maybe yer blonde gurl with the flag poncho was one milly too much or yer bloke in the blue hoodie sucking his finger suggestively made them change their minds ...... but I doubt it.

Keep up the good work people cos I just love laughing at people wasting their time. I just hope yer hangovers aren't too bad tomorrow and I see you all at church looking bright and British.

Don't bring yon Glasgow folk with you, we don't like that lot hanging around. It's funny seeing Scottish folk protesting about wanting to be British, my own Scottish blood bubbles at being British as that is only by chance, shame on these lowlander English lap dogs.

Sorry I couldn't attend the protest .... I was too busy robbing yer hooses as I knew you'd be out.