Monday, 13 May 2013

Bullets Over Knudsen

Do you know what it's like to get a bullet in the mail? Well Old Knudsen does. He laughs in the face of death threats. What a wanker, if you really mean it then you do it, cum at me bro!

Who the fuck could it be? I've covered my tracks with the usual skill learned over the years in consultant and advisory work. I've killed many postmen after they have seen too much being delivered here ...... oh that reminds me, must get rid of the Sky TV man in the shed.

Could it be Alexi Fandangoski? ach she didn't take our breakup too well, they never do. She has tried to kill Old Knudsen before, just means she still cares which is kinda sweet.

Must stay away from angry weemen ..... aye like there is any other kind.

Silly bugger, probably a mix up in translation. I didn't say anyone would pay, must look up Google earth for his hoose and get the drones in on it ..... shaping up to be a busy day. Fuck these weeks that start with the 13th. 

Could it be my ancient enemy the diocese of Leeds? Old Knudsen hasn't said anything derogatory about them since the Savile trend. Their way is more like legal action rather than bullets, Arthur Roche, yer still a cunt by the way! ..... go cleanse yer ranks of pedos and leave poor bloggers alone.

It's ok people, false alarm, like the time I saw Bin Laden at the hospital and pinned him to the ground before I realised it was some bloke with a nasty head wound, well it wasn't my fault, I was as drunk as a doctor.... thats when I was a doctor. We lost some good people that day .... my bad.

Ach I think I know who it's from, I couldn't read the note, the different crayon colours were a right mess an all over the place.

Thanks Ma, yer the best  .... ask any of the blokes round town.