Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Angelina Jolie Goes Topless

So Angelina Jolie fucked Billy Bob Thornton, wore a vial of his blood around her neck, snogged her own brother, lured a married man away from his wife, adopted 3rd world children, had some of her own, married Brad Pitt after a long wait, became an ambassador, got several tattoos ....... she has pretty much done the whole celeb thing, and more.

Jolie has followed all the steps in the Hollywood celeb guide to being a publicity hoor and now she is writing her own. She is trail blazing a path that others are bound to follow.

The perfectly healthy woman got her baps cut off.

Not in an African Tears of the sun way, she got a double mastectomy just in case she might get cancer.
In all fairness Angie is a little unbalanced and hysterical on an average day but combine that with the fear of 87% chance of getting cancer and well in her mind it's a 100%  cert she'll get it.

Don't go getting panicked weemen of America and the world, 99% of women do not have the BRCA1 mutation that Angie has or even the BRCA2 mutation so her risk is higher and her situation is different than yers. You don't need to go setting a trend or anything.

I have always looked at her freaky veins in her arms and how she tries to cover them with shawls etc than her tits. Not much there and seriously if you were going to shag her you more likely want to shag her face than her twat..... those lips.

It was a brave decision for her to do this. Her mother died of cancer and Angie has the inherited  mutated gene which makes her more likely to get it ...... even though there is a chance she might never get it but I guess she looks on the down side and after seeing what her Ma went through, no shit. 

So she got her tits off for the boys, she is also at a high risk for ovarian cancer, does that mean she is going to get her minge taken off too?

Jennifer Aniston is looking a lot better now huh Brad?

It isn't just a matter of slicing of the tits, you have to really dig in deep to the breast bone to make sure you get it all.
You then have the choice of having tits reconstructed or get a nice tattoo. I bet Angie got tattooed tits.
Either way what a drastic way to get publicity. I wonder if that will be Kim Kardashian's next tweet after the birth of her new ego monster must have accessory.

The women that have a double mastectomy are always like, "I am a person, I am not defined by my breasts" oh whatever, you'd better have a nice arse then. Were you not being defined by them when you wore those low cut tops before yer op?    

I hear people say, "boobs are so overrated" or "you men need to grow up it's just boobs" aye like it's just a shirtless Ryan Gosling, away an fuck! Tits are great I love em. Angelina should have done a few pornos before her op to remember her glory days, maybe she did but in private with Brad and George.
I wonder where this is going to go next, Angie's case is a little different than most weemen but it does remind us that the beautiful rich people in the world put their troosers on one leg at a time like all the rest of us.
Unless yer Oscar Pistorius who screams abuse at them and then shoots them.

I like Angie in a weird and mostly non-sexual way and we here at OBB wish her and the family all the best.
One minute yer life is perfect and the next it goes tits up.