Monday, 22 April 2013

The Real Loyalist Culture

The Loyalists of Northern Ireland like most sheeple tend to believe what they want to and ignore any pesky facts. The question, "How can you be a Loyalist if you go against the wishes of the Queen?" tends to remain unanswered.
When asked about the culture they keep banging on about what you get are a repeating of words they have heard somewhere else, it's our culture, it's our heritage, stripping away our British identity, our culture, our heritage.

Loyalist culture is this: Drinking while watching parades, drinking while watching a bonfire, drinking while watching the kids you've directed throw rocks at the police, drinking while you slap yer wife around, drinking while you fondle yer kids, drinking while you mouth off about Catholics, drinking while a crowd of you go looking for a single Catholic to beat up, drinking while on the computer complaining about armchair warriors not turning up for protests and of course drinking while you masturbate thinking about flags ... thats why Gog gave us two hands. 

A culture based on getting so drunk you can't stand, hatred and oppressing Fenians. Now that the DUP is losing the firm grip they had on being the main voice in power and forcing their will on others, the Loyalists are worried the Catholics will become so powerful that they will treat them as shitty as they have been treated over the years.... they are afraid.

They may complain until they are red white and blue in the face about being British and how their heritage is under threat from the Irish Republicans but soon they show their real agenda of bigotry as they call for the death of all taigs and how they are all scum.  

A frightened poorly educated people who ain't too smart.

Loyalists who are all for God, Queen, Ulster and flags do not treat anything they value with respect but if you threaten any of them then they become uber patriots for as long as it suits them. A lie they cannot maintain for long. The only convictions they have are prison convictions.

Here are just some of the flags they claim love and respect.         

All touts out! For those who speak English a tout is an informer or just someone who calls the police on the hoods. A pretty pointless statement, might as well paint 'Just say no.' 

Flags put up to mark territory and to intimidate. Put up and left to rot, hardly proper flag etiquette and certainly not respectful.
The Queen has stated through the college of arms that she wants the Union flag to only fly on designated days so when it is flown it will mean something and be more special, such as the Queen's birthday. Flying all the time people just don't pay attention and might not even know it's a royal day.
Shame on you Loyalists! If the Queen saw the state in which you leave her flag, she would not be amused. Yet Loyalists who claim to be loyal to the crown are happy to let her flag rot.... it's actions that count, not your lying words.