Monday, 29 April 2013

Sass In The Hole

Yer Monday would have to be particularly crappy to take Nigel here up on his offer. What could he possibly have in mind? I bet it involves a game of Twister and some body chocolate .... actually that probably would make yer day better, who doesn't like chocolate?

Striking similarities between this ladies vadge and Nigel's belly button. I don't know about you but I'm wondering just how deep both of these are.

Old Knudsen likes his weemen well rounded, not in an intellectual way, why do weemen needs brains to wash the dishes?
A nice deep belly button is a gift from Gog. The stench trench and the bunghole don't really work for this unless you want typhoid or hairs in yer teeth.

  While Old Knudsen can enjoy a buff woman in excellent shape

He also enjoys a woman with curves and they don't all have to be in the right places.

So you get yer favourite sass, as an example Old Knudsen will go for McDonald's Honey BBQ sass, pour it into the lovely deep belly button and then proceed to dip yer nuggets (o'er er missus) or you can dip some fries into it.

What a lovely bonding activity and it sorts out yer lunch. I like to finish it by tonguing the last of the sass out, I bet yer getting well horny just reading this. yer inner Goddess is no doubt very moist.

One of Old Knudsen's hates is outies .... WTF get that button fixed, that ain't no good to man nor beast.
Old Knudsen used to have a boner for Kelly Rippa with the tiny nippas. When he seduced Ms Rippa , one hot New York day a few years back,  the smell of love juices was already in the air of that cheap motel room, the fresh scents from Kelly's love gash and the stale ones of many a broken promise that died in that room for $20.
When Old Knudsen feasted his eyes upon her ripped torso the outy sat there mocking him. "You didn't tell me you had an outy" ..... Kelly looked confused, "Just get out you deceiving hoor of Babylon and never, I repeat NEVER blacken my door again."

As breakups go, that one was not too bad.