Monday, 8 April 2013

Putin The Man? Yes He Is

A typical day as Vladimir Putin tools up, "Da, this will stop any peasants" Besides Old Knudsen, there aren't very many real men around.

 Hes a real man that makes sure his hand is always on top to ..... get the upper hand so to speak.

 He isn't afraid to look silly. He can still get his hole off a super model wearing that hat and he knows it.

When he dived 400 metres holding his breath to find some ancient vases, he smashed them and laughed cos he doesn't give a fuck.

Putin doesn't just ride a bear, he rides it shirtless and then makes love to it whether it wants to or not.

He killed Steven Seagull when the actor stood inappropriately too close... he will be missed, by many fast food chains in the US.

He likes to show his softer side by the cuddling puppies he sells to North Korea.

He don't take shit from kids.

He hates the wee fuckers.

He taught Barry Manilow all he knows..... nose.

 He really didn't like Inception.

 He throws nukes like darts.

Putin's son Dmitry has a lot to live up to. 

When the next World War cums round I hope Old Knudsen doesn't have to fight him... but he shall.