Sunday, 14 April 2013

Open On Sunday

I didn't have my usual lazy Sunday post containing naked weemen ready for today, because I couldn't be arsed.
Will I ever defeat the Christian pedos by showing that hot weemen are better than children every Sunday? No, I won't give up on the wee fuckers.

Old Knudsen has the horn something rotten today and it seems that weemen dressed as Cock raider Lara Croft does it for him.

A lame attempt but hey, nice beaver, did you just have it stuffed?

Guns, weemen,boobs, belly buttons ..... oh boy, but keep yer gun off the ground ya silly bint, yer spoiling it for me.... basic procedures lass.

This gurl just looks like a sex doll, open the mouth and I'd buy it ..... don't tell the others, they'll only get jealous.
 Yer dumb facial expression will not put Old Knudsen off his stroke.

Ah the original. Angelina has right veiny arms and hands have you noticed? If ya stopped looking at her BJ lips for 5 mins you might notice.
If you want to know who gives the best BJ between her and Brad stay tuned to my blog.

I've never understood grown men getting excited about cartoon weemen, one step away from being a pedo or shooting up a school probably. 

Old Knudsen wants to raid her tomb.