Saturday, 27 April 2013

Holy Cross Batman

You may not remember the trouble at Holy cross primary school in North Belfast, thats because it happened in 2001. A Catholic school for girls held hostage by Protestants who lived in the area. 

I'm not going into the various claims made in order to have a protest at the school, the actions taken were inexcusable.
Every day the children had to run the gauntlet of angry protestants who threw piss balloons, shit and blast bombs at the little girls and their parents. 

Old Knudsen thought the hunger strikers were dirty shites living with shit wallpaper in their prison cells but this is just as bad, fucking animals. 

Thats all in the past ..... or is it?

Now the Protestants of the area have painted the kerb stones outside of the school in red white and blue ..... I don't know, they must be French or something.

The council was going to remove but the cunts have now started protesting again threatening the council if they do remove and saying they'll paint it again .....real tough guys.

You can say the IRA did this and Republicans did that but you Loyalists, yer just as bad. What kind of big men does it take to scare little girls? 

Hey we struck a blow for our way of life and our British identity, aye we frightened then threw piss all over some 5 year-old girls, it was fucking funny to see them cry .... proud to be British.

Maybe scaring little children is the only way they can get hard. Bullies makes Old Knudsen sick, you are dirty fucking child abusing scumbags.