Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hit The Wall Then Blew It Up

Bombs go off at the Boston marathon killing at least two at the time of this writing and injuring many more.
Our thoughts go out to the people there .... or do they?

It seems that people fall into two camps, the normal people who feel shock and sadness and then the ones who don't give a fuck and think that they deserve this.

When it comes time for you and yours .... and the time will come, I hope you feel that you deserve it.

The Friends of Willie Frazer page who is a victims advocate posted this. WTF? make it all about yer agenda to get a dig in at Sinn Fein. Yes there are a lot of Americans of Irish descent in Boston, yer people ya fuck wit.
Sinn Fein do raise a lot of money and get investments for Belfast etc from the east coast of the US but who cares? the war is over and we kinda won.

In 1988, 6 soldiers died. They were taking part in a half marathon for charity. The van they were in was booby trapped and exploded.
As a soldier serving during a time of war like this you accept that this might happen. You don't look forward to it or fear it but you know there is a chance of it. It may be stressful on long patrols into the wee hours where anyone can be the enemy but yet you still serve.

What has this got to do with Boston? fuck all. It's being used to slag off Sinn Fein by a crazy fucker called Willie Frazer.

Who allegedly has terminal cancer. I reckon hes high as a kite on his meds again and ranting on about how the IRA killed Lassie and Sinn Fein used their clout with the British government to cover it up .... why isn't he dead yet?

Just listen to these morons that can barely speak English. 90 people liked this and 76 people shared it, what a pack of dickheads.
Well done Willie and friends, you've just lost yet again. Go on and play the victim card about how everyone is against you and how you have been let down and under represented by the politicians and then when innocent people who have nothing to do with you are killed why don't you just gloat?

You STILL don't deserve to fly my flag as you are all scum, as bad as Sinn Fein and the IRA and the masked tough guys of the UVF.

This was probably right wing, tea party 2nd amendment nuts .... people who go on about their guns with as much logic as fleggers go on about their fleg. It was the Muslims say all the nice white people.

Old Knudsen is shocked and saddened by this,and he is sickened at the response from others. If you do not feel anything then you are weak. Anger is an empty emotion with no power, especially if it's driven by hate and fear.