Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Fear And Loathing In Norn Iron

If you imagine the people of Northern Ireland as the hillbillies of the movie Deliverance then you won't be under any illusions about friendly leprechaun people.

Yeah yeah yeah .... ok then, just the ones with the Protestant Loyalist tendencies and the ones with the Catholic Republican tendencies .... the inbred, small minded fanatical types, full of fear they disguise as hatred and with no imagination. 
They align themselves with religion or causes they know fuck all about.

As soon as they see weakness they pounce! 

At least we have Game of Sex .... er Thrones. They still film that here right? well until the protests and the bombs stop them that is as investors really can do without this shite. All these groups that say they speak for the people only do them harm .....  They blame the other side for the reason they have to do bad things.... Not big thinkers.

One of the fears the Loyalists have is about how the Irish want Northern Ireland back so Ireland is united as one big third world island.

Thats like a big hoochie mama saying how everyone wants her body ... no one (not even the English) want Northern Ireland ..... mostly due to things like protests and bombs. 

It has been said that the Loyalist flag protests has been turning people away from the whole proud to be British thing. Old Knudsen who has proudly served under yon flag is quite sick of seeing it. Now I equate the Union flag, Red hand of Ulster flag, Irish tricolour flag to be flags of hate such as the Confederate flag and the Swastika. It's now the first thing that cums to mind so well done fleggers. 

You've managed to make real patriots cringe every time they see red white and blue.  I also got that way after 9/11 with Old Glory when everyone pretended to be patriots then too.  

Next time you ask why the Loyalists are infighting well this is why cos fleggers are fucking morons!

This is who you need to be scared of. No not really but it makes as much sense to be afraid of this cunt as it does of being taken over by the Irish, they would probably vote against taking the North, they can't even look after their own people right now without taking on lazy trouble makers.

Besides, do the Irish even have an army? No I don't mean terrorists. They don't even have armed police. I really can't see them being in any shape to keep order in the North, the Brits can't even do that. 
Stop being so afraid of everything Loyaists, grab a blankie and turn the light on. 

This is how the world sees you and it thinks you need a good slap to calm yerself doon.