Friday, 19 April 2013


Poor DUP candidate John Smyth junior, a year ago he survived an early morning pipe bomb attack and can be seen here with Peter Robinson looking suitably outraged and disgusted. 
Peter also noted many suspect stains on junior's sheets and a bin full of Kleenex that looked like a right fire hazard .... don't judge people, we've all been there/still there.   

After the attack on Smyth, a young Polish couple living in Antrim had a pipe bomb placed on the window sill by their front door. 
Luckily the police were alerted and since it was a slow day for them they turned up to make the device safe. 

Ugly fat bastard John Smyth's election pledge for Antrim was making it a “better place for everyone to live.”
Maybe it was um a lie? or did he mean for everyone of his people? Smyth's finger prints and the odd stray pube were found on the pipe bomb at the Polish couple's hoose and stuff to make pipe bombs such as pipes and um bombs were found at Smyth's hoose. He denied the whole thing for a year but then there was so much proof he couldn't deny it any longer.
Hold on, don't you have to be a (Protestant) Christian of good moral character to be an Orangeman?   

Jesus found out yer sins ya fat cunt and now hes gonna fuck you in the prison showers for 3 long years ..... without lube. Squeal piggy squeal. Ach hes from Connor, just outside of  Ballymena, he'll probably enjoy it.

The Real Ulster Freedom Fighters (RUFF) claimed responsibility for the pipe bomb that Smyth made. Ach isn't loyalty among criminals touching? The Diet Ulster Freedom Fighters (DUFF) also said they did it but with less calories. 
Smyth Snr who was a  DUP councillor on the local Antrim Borough Council for over a decade had done time in the 70's for UVF activities so I suppose being a two faced lying criminal cunt runs in the family, no wonder they are both DUP.

Smyth jnr who told police that one of his hobbies is "annoying Poles" showed genuine regret and remorse and now says "what was done to this innocent young Polish couple was disgusting" .... you do know hes lying right?

Smyth was sentenced to 3 years in prison and 5 years on licence or parole. His crime was described as "naked sectarianism" Old Knudsen for one does not want to hear the word naked,when thinking about serial wanker junior .