Monday, 1 April 2013

Boy Fingers Dog

Luis Brignoni, rushed to the aid of his 11year -old son Fernando when he petted a Malamute-wolf mix they keep in a cage and it bit off one of his fingers..... this was in Florida .... of course.

Since it was Florida maybe the dog was high, or a zombie, or maybe it objected to being kept in a fucking cage!!

Brignoni rushed to get his nine -- just speculation that it was a 9 mm, it was probably an AR-15 as they are quite popular right now with the media, and he busted a cap in Mr Squee until the fucker was DEAD.

"Why did Mr Squee have to die daddy?" .... "cos yer a stupid wee fuck that puts fingers into cages and you cost me fucking thousands ya Natalie Portman look-alike."

Brignoni figured he had no choice: "I've got to go find the finger," he explains. "I got my gun and I popped him."... then he disemboweled it like you do. "Hey son get me a beer while I slice open Mr squee.... found your mom!"

Doctors said the nerve damage to the finger chew toy was too extensive to reattach the finger.

Brignoni is actually a minister at the non-denominational Love Family Church ... aye but they fucking well hate dogs!
"You don't know what you will do for your child," he says. "You don't know where you get the strength from."

The moral of the story is, stop getting big dogs that you think look tough or hard cos you'll still be a wee wimpy shite who has to use a gun on it. All the small dicked guys get muscle dogs with chains round their necks that strain on the leash, get a Lab, no better dog than a lab.

Old Knudsen kills a dog a day with his bare hands and teeth ... whether they like it or not. Not very much barking or dog shit on the ground round here which is good and the chinky restaurants pay me good money but that isn't the point.

   Old Knudsen = savage beast.

Roar roar roar, away an fuck! Old Knudsen stopped giving a fuck years ago now he just kills for the taste of blood, and the odd back hander from the restaurants.

Think yer tough? Old Knudsen had constipation for 5 weeks and genital itching caused by blood wart leaches and he loved it.... that would have drove a lesser man insane but not Old Knudsen. 

Old Knudsen doesn't think twice about wrestling a cougar. This one had been feeding off the young men round the estate until Old Knudsen tracked her doon and fucked her up.

Guns are for getting sexually aroused with, if you need them for anything else then yer weak.