Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Black Kettles On Pot

You know what Old Knudsen doesn't like? .... double standards thats what. During the weekend when Old Knudsen should have been thinking about our lord Jesus and his sacrifice at the battle of Waterloo, he was subjected to morons and their hate filled opinions....    

At Easter the Fenians have their parades (everyone has to have their parades) this is for the Easter rising attack thing in 1916. Some Irish trouble maker types tried to inspire the people of Ireland to rise up against the British while the Great war was on ..... didn't work but they got some martyrs out of it so not a complete loss.
Some Loyalist dickheads were outraged that some Republican bands looked militaristic ...  shouldn't be allowed!.... It's a disgrace! ... said the bigoted Prods. 
What is the difference between that and
This paramilitary linked Loyalist band in their pseudo military costumes?

You have two loads of cock suckers who like to dress up and march around as that is the only time they will ever be someone in their lives, they don't have the looks or brains for much else. 

Old Knudsen is also annoyed by cunts that hi-jack history for their own bitter purposes. The UVF or Ulster Volunteer Force were a group of red necked Protestant locals who fought in WWI, thousands of Catholic Irish lads also fought but they just don't get mentioned. The Nazi racist political party BNP tried to hi-jack the British Legion in order to get support but they weren't having it. It's a pity no real UVF members are about to tell the present day UVF criminals to fuck off.

Did you know that because of the massive loss of life from Ulster that occurred during the battle of the Somme, the number of men from Ulster who volunteered to fight Hitler during WWII .... was kinda low. Luckily the Americans and Russians were there to take the slack.   

Then there was outrage when some Republicans dressed their children as IRA terrorists. Yeah it's bad parenting by people who shouldn't be allowed to breed but remember fleggers, before you start calling these scumbags 'scum' just remember what yer own side do.