Thursday, 14 March 2013

Willie Is Spent

Willie Frazer #1 fleg mouth piece was released on bail after being charged with inciting unlawful protests, having a taser and just being a crazy fucker hoped up on cancer meds..... "Doctor Octopus is in the IRA and he killed 50,000 chickens, some brown some black and brown, he put horse meat in our burgers to turn us into slime mutants and he killed my car with a death ray .... some of the chickens were tan, he set his trained Chupacabra on them, I know that sounds crazy but it isn't, they also suck chickens and knit, the clacking of the needles drive you INSANE."

A changed man after being in the big hoose for 2 weeks of detox Willie says, 'don't break the law cos no cause is worth getting yer star busted in the prison showers for.'

Wild Willie seems tame and limp after his prison stay, "I am not the #1 fleg protester, I am a free man."

Well until yer sentenced of course. Having a taser means jail time. Looks like yer being a good boy to try to avoid it.
He was one of the people telling the other jailed protesters to refuse bail ..... he was the person who said he'd have to be removed by force, hes happily out on bail now while many aren't.... fuck principles and the others, I'm missing East Enders. 

Well what can you expect? They go on about police brutality when there isn't any, it's only right that they freak the fuck out at nice civilised UK prisons. Fucking pussies....

Willie is not allowed to go near protests or parades and he isn't allowed to say the 'F' word ... thats fleg in case you didn't know ..... for fucks sake!

Hey mister! ... I'm starvin, away an get me a curry. 

Poor #2 Jamie Bryson is still on the inside using bum sex to barter for cigarettes and chocolate. He no longer has Willie to fight off the lust hungry cons and gets passed around like a boy toy.

He went in a boy and he'll cum out a manly boy.