Thursday, 28 March 2013

What If Goddess Was One Of Oz?

A pretty gurl, in a nice swimsuit, nothing wrong here ..... Blasphemous I say! wha? Blasphemous camel toed hoor!

Some Indians (not sure which tribe) took objection to an Australian fashion show when one of the swimsuits showed Hindu goddess Lakshmi. For fucks sake people, stop burning the flegs all ready, what are ya Muslims or Loyalists or something? behave like sensible people for once.

Well her arse is a bit flat so I do see yer cause for outrage.

 Show our ways respect as we see it or we'll fuck up yer flegs!
Just too many crazy, stupid, angry people around. Why won't the government reinstate Old Knudsen's license to kill like he had in the olden days?

I wouldn't have given this swimsuit a second thought but now that I realise it offends people, Old Knudsen will be wearing it at Browns Bay this year.  Take that ya curry lovers!