Monday, 11 March 2013

The Orange Order Is A Hate Organisation

It's no secret that Old Knudsen hates haters, if you are against other people because of their colour, religion, nationality, gender or sexual orientation then you are a fuck wit and in need of a drop of mercy killing before you breed.... Hate people for what they do not what they are ~ Old Knudsen.  

For a while now I've been going on about the Orange Order and have been pointing out just how similar they are to the KKK . Glad to see the rest of the country is finally catching up with my way of thinking.

The Orange Order is a Christian group that believes in Protestantism and British-ness. They are quite sectarian against all that is Catholic. They like to dress up in costumes, parade and hold meetings. Only Protestants can join.

The Klu Klux Klan are also a Christian group that believes in the promotion of the white race. They are against Jews and Catholics as well as non-whites. They like to dress up in costumes, parade and hold meetings. Only Protestants can join.

Fat old white men and their younger members who aspire to be old and fat.  

Of course the Orange Order do not go about burning crosses and forcing those they don't like out. They let some of their members who are in paramilitary organisations do that for recreation. What is it with pot bellied losers dressing up in pseudo military costumes and thinking they are somebody?

These guys are heroes, not the pretend shites who call themselves Loyalists but arn't loyal to anyone except Buckfast. Being loyal means following orders, some of them you may not like. You lot aren't Loyalists

Yer retards.

Maybe you should get a longer tea towel that covers yer fat belly.  Observe the vacant looks.

The Orange Order have been allowed to exist because they towed the line for the Good Friday Agreement back in 1998.
That was when the people of Northern Ireland voted for peace. The Orange Order said they would behave and follow the law, and so they would be able to get EU funding thanks to their new found cooperation.
So they sold out and the British government moved on with all the criminals appeased with money.

Obviously the EU funding was not enough for plastic surgery or to attract hotties to the Order.  Look at the bitter hate filled faces on those hags ..... me willy has shrunk up and is refusing to come out. I wonder how many Germans yer first slapper killed to get yon medals.I bet she did it with her bare hands ... maybe she sexed them to death crushing them between her thighs of doom.

The Klan are well into flags and many of their members were in government jobs and other positions of power .  They still are but not so openly.

Look at yon big fella in drag.

What gets Old Knudsen is that many government jobs are held by Orange Order members. They shake their heads at the paramilitary violence and actions and then once they clock out they put on their sashes and march with the paramilitaries they are supposed to be condemning.... totally like the KKK.

A 2011 survey of 1,500 Orangemen throughout Northern Ireland, over 60% believed that "most Catholics are IRA sympathizers."

How can you reason with thinking like that?  Are all Muslims terrorists?

Orange Order leader Rev Mervyn Gibson has spoke out saying that the Order may not follow the set out rules for parading. Hes being rather vague to stir up enough interest yet still hold on to EU money.
Stripping naked and marching where they please may be one of the tactics used as who would want to tackle that to arrest him? Just think if the weemen were naked ...... the horror!

Teaching the next generation to be elitist bigots

Old Knudsen believes that no government worker from road sweepers to town mayors should be allowed to be in the Orange Order or any of their splinter cells. To have such a blatant conflict of interest is beyond stupid. This organisation needs to be officially labeled as a hate group and their movements monitored.

"So bare-faced and confident enough in the bigoted status quo that they wear bowler hats and sashes rather than white robes and pointed hoods."

Northern Ireland has too many hate groups each with over lapping members. With the education level of a mentally disabled 4 year-old donkey they jump from cause to cause not putting too much thought into anything. The best thing to do is remove the head and destroy the brain ..... if you can find it.

Above all don't let them bite you. It's not that you'll turn into a sectarian bigot if bit, they probably have aids or hepatitis, dirty fuckers they are.