Friday, 1 March 2013

Strike Three

Jim Dowson the Nazi scumbag who rushed to Northern Ireland once he realised it was a situation he could profit from has been arrested.
The third flegging leader to be lifted for organising illegal protests. On the Loyalist websites I hear a lot of people saying that the police are being told who to arrest by the IRA but you'll find that to be typical flegger paranoia brought on by an inferiority complex at being poorly educated and all round fucking useless.

The three main fleggers were arrested not because of the IRA or Sinn Fein but because former Scotland yard officers on the mainland looked at the chief constable's handing of the protests and said WTF? they implied that Chief Baggott has turned 'native' as this shit going on for so long just doesn't happen in the UK.

Expect more of the same ..... you guys are fucked.