Saturday, 23 March 2013

Snow Surrender

No surrender .... just put off until it's nice outside..... ok maybe a little surrender. 

Several Loyalist groups and bands have called off their parade for today due to the snow and the cold ....... fucking wimps!

You didn't hear the Empire go on about ruining their costumes and equipment when they attacked the Rebel Alliance on Hoth.

It seems that maybe their culture and heritage isn't worth suffering discomfort for and that maybe they are only fair weather, part-time Loyalists.

"Lets celebrate our culture ..... as long as it isn't too cold of course, I'm not that much into it."

Shame on those little gurls. When Old Knudsen served he didn't say, "ach it's snowing, I can't show my loyalty to the King today" .... he got out there and when his weapon froze over he put bullets into snowballs and threw them at the Nazis.

Old Knudsen is disgusted!