Friday, 1 March 2013

Ratzinger Wears Prada

Pope Benny has now made the transition to pope emeritus which means hes off to meditate and feed the pigeons, the next time you'll hear about him is when he carks it. 

His new role is one hes looking forward to because well hes a lazy slack fucker. "Wah wah wah being Pope is too difficult, too much being waited on hand and foot you don't know how tough it is, oh I 
need changed by the way ..... it's a runny one."

Quitting his tough job of ruling over millions of brainwashed morons means that he has to give up his red Gucci loafers. Now the ex-Pope has to slum it and wear Prada ......... oh how he suffers.

Ratzinger still takes the responsibility of having been Pope seriously and still refuses to wear a condom, designer or not .