Monday, 4 March 2013

Toy Story 2

Protestants holding a fundraiser for orphaned seal cubs were attacked in the Short Strand area of Belfast Saturday night.  

The anti-democracy warriors at LAD  have uncovered yet another lie from those morons known as Fleggers they will never get the fly back like this .... in fact they'll never get it back.

Remember the previous lies Old Knudsen displayed in this blog? well now it's a baby at the centre of the attack, before in the other story it was a young gurl.

Poor wee baby, all it wanted to do was to support it's bitter parents and yell abuse at some taigs.

No wait, what witchcraft is this? all you have to do is Google 'Baby in a Union flag' and you get this picture .... OMG it's as if some devious mastermind is trying to stir up trouble and get the Loyalists into a blood rage frenzy.

Are you proud of yerselves Loyalists? first you betray the Queen and attack her appointed officers and subjects and now, because you are losing every bit of support you have you resort to lies.... not very good ones either.  

Yer own people are making you look even more like the fools you are. It's been great fun laughing at you lot for the last 3 months but really, it's time to move on.

The Facebook page Ulster is British no surrender kind of surrendered as the whole page is doon. If you want to know who is behind this sudden burst of propaganda ask yerself who has the most to gain?
What will it be next? the accounts of police brutality always had a story about some old guy getting beat up (yet never any video of it) maybe an imaginary mob of angry Taigs beat up some geezer or kicked a kitten on Saturday night .... fuck, that was a busy night.