Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pedos Are Innocent!

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier .... looking like a pedo .... or a rapper.

The Catholic Archbishop of Durban, Wilfrid Napier has described pedophilia as a "psychological  disorder" or a "medical condition" an illness if you please, well no shit a right thinking individual wouldn't do that to kids.

Since he says it's an illness he says you can't hold pedos as criminally responsible for their actions. Pedos who were abused then go on to abuse ..... so it's not their fault.  


Sorry about that me tourettes is affected by DICKHEADS!!!    I call to the stand the serial killer Ted Bundy and ghey serial killer Jeffery Dhamlier who had loving nurturing lives ... explain them.

French Cardinal Philippe Barbarin .... looking like a pedo as he hides behind some bushes.

Why can't the church just go back to blaming the Devil ? what ever happened to the whole free will thing?
Like killing someone, raping someone, drinking booze to fuck up yer liver, taking drugs to fuck up the rest of you, fucking yer gurl's best friend to fuck up yer relationships ..... it's all a choice to do so.

Most of you don't drop yer troosers and do a bisto protest in the middle of a shop when they put their prices up ... that is Old Knudsen's choice to do so. 

How many victims of rape go on to rape others?   Like hitting weemen and children once you do it yer more likely to do it again .... there ain't no cure for the free will of humans.

 All black men want our white weemen right? they can't help it, it's jungle fever.

This is a church that thinks homosexuality is also a disorder. NAMBL The North American Man Boy Love association say that it isn't an illness or a lifestyle choice it's who they are and they are experts in this.  

Alcoholism is thought by some dullards as being an illness, so if a drunk driver mows doon a family in the street, he can't be held accountable .... poor guy it's an illness hes suffered enough.   

No wonder I post so many naked weemen, I'm saving the children by tempting the pedos away with consenting adults.

Another Cardinal trying to find excuses for a heinous crime rather than manning the fuck up and saying, "this is wrong, these people are fucked up big time and it has to stop for the sake of the children. We need these cunts off the streets and out of the church. We have zero tolerance for this sort of shite."