Saturday, 23 March 2013

Opening A Flegger's Head

Why does Cletus the flegger need the fleg over Belfast city hall so much? He never noticed it before, if he says it's stripping away his Britishness and culture then that just goes to show how insecure Cletus is.

The grand standing of their band parades are certainly not British .... they are Irish, northern Irish.

In other cuntries a parade is a nice event and fun for all the family. Trumpets, balloons, waving from the backs of convertible cars. 

Over here, a parade is watching miserable fat blokes trying too look tough while wearing a funny costumes. Orangemen in their badly fitting suits giving dirty looks to anyone that looks at them ... and they are in the fucking parade. 
Not the happy feel of carnival, more like a rally for Nazi brown shirts. 

A lot of people are not deep or self aware and look for outside things to fix their lives like drink, drugs, oppressing others or even a fleg.

Old Knudsen's advice to the fleggers, it doesn't matter what others do, wear yer union jack undercackers and feel British, people can only strip you of how British you feel if you give them the power to do so.
Paddy having a large tricolour shouldn't upset you unless you let it then that just means you have a personal problem to sort out.

This doesn't upset Old Knudsen who has served in the military on the streets of Belfast, in fact this makes Old Knudsen a little anxious in the trooser region if you know what he means.

Flying the fleg on 18 days the way the Queen wants it to fly makes Old Knudsen feel more British cos she is my Queen.
Flying it 365 days a year makes it seem like something you leave out to rot and forget about. You don't even notice the Royal days. A flag makes you ask, "Whats so special about today then? oh one of the Queen's birthdays... cool."
Think about things more and think who is using you. I wouldn't feel less British, I'd feel mad at my own people.