Saturday, 9 March 2013

Night Of The Comet

Is it a coincidence that when a comet flies over our skies a group of fleg waving zombies riot? I think not. 
Don't worry, none of this is sectarian, even if they try to bomb a Catholic chapel the protesters just want you to know it's not about religion. Their latest chant is probably satire, "What do we want? .... FLEGS ....... When do we want them? ........ WHEN ALL THE TAIGS ARE EXECUTED AND THE ENGLISH OVERLORDS STOP TELLING US WHAT TO DO.... SO NOW!!!"   Not very catchy. 

 Five police officers were injured but were not hospitalised. They started shuffling in an agitated manner only able to say, "Flegs" and "It's a discrace" they calmed doon when they were given their red white and blue security blankies.

Being a brainless zombie didn't stop yer Ma from her street walking business. In fact prostitutes have been using flags as a disguise to sell their bodies for dirty nasty messy sex. 

"Look" says the man in the silly hat, "I got me a fleg hoor."