Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Muzzies Out This Is Monks Town

Plenty of violence going on in Sri Lanka between the Buddhists and the Muslims. The Buddhist  Sinhalese majority have gone into 'we feel threatened' mode and are urged by a hard line group the Buddhist Strength Force (BSF) not to rent property to Muslims as they are having too many children, converting people and building mosques. BSF? sounds like a cow disease or old British brand of tape recorder or something.
What is it with groups and their acronyms? Join my 'Too Many Groups Using Stupid Acronyms Action Force' or TMGUSAAF ... if I was clever I would have gotten it to spell something but you won't catch Old Knudsen being clever. 

Since the Tamils were defeated in 2009 the people need something else to worry about. You can see parallels in other countries like this with majorities trying to keep others from other religions down.

Here we see a couple of teenage Muslim gurls accused of watching pornography .... beat them good! Filthy minded trollops, oh is that a belt? good man, now say, "hey, mind if I join in?" Why of earth would you be worried about Muslims? it's not like they are all terrorists who beat weemen?

A Sri Lankan Orangeman assuring the crowd that it could be worse, it could be Catholics not Muslims ..... Catholics can turn into giant spiders that rape domestic pets with their two pronged genitals... the females lay their eggs in the mouths of sleeping old people.... According to the scared text of Loyal Orange Lodge or LOL 69.
Lemurs are worse than anything with their big bulging eyes that silently judge you .... Did I tell you about the time Old Knudsen saved John Barrowman from certain Lemur death? Ya can't even walk through Central park anymore without getting attacked, even the muggers are afraid.

Luckily Old Knudsen was going through a phase in which he thought he was Aragorn from Lord of the dance and hacked yon creatures to bits sending them back to Hell. Barrowman and I became lovers for a brief time .... until I found out he was ghey. Old Knudsen don't swing that way.

Don't you just love all of these religions of peace and love? I'm just so glad that so many find comfort in them while looking for someone else to blame for all of their woes. Praise be cos we be the ones who are right!