Monday, 4 March 2013

Lying Loyalist Losers

There is an area in Belfast known as the Short Strand. Many Catholic families live there behind their plastic windows and quite often groups of Protestants will walk doon the Strand to cause trouble hence the plastic windows.

On Saturday the Catholics had a protest in support of some bloke in prison. The Protestants were going to hold their usual protest at the Belfast city hall about the flegs but authorities were worried in case the two groups met.
The Protestants not wanting to get anymore of their people arrested went by bus instead. Meanwhile on Facebook.
A Facebook page Save Our Union Jack (Belfast City Hall) Had the above picture up and claimed it was taken on Saturday night and it showed Catholics rioting against the police.... Oh you wouldn't have seen it on the news as there is a conspiracy to only show the bad things the Loyalists do.... BBC-IRA didn't you know?  

Some people do not blindly accept what is in front of them and questioned this post.

How can it not have happened? it was on Facebook, everyone knows that if it's on FB it's obviously true..... click LIKE if you agree.


Oops you've been rumbled, the admin had to step in to prove their case.

 Oh you did huh, well that changes everything ... poor young gurl is she ok? 

Oh Chelsea keep the fuck out of it, it's not Protestants arguing it's Loyalist shitheads and people sick of the protests arguing. There won't be any coming together, try to keep up. Admin, yer a lying sack of shit.
I did say you were a liar.  The picture was taken in 2011 and in the summer with it's deep blue sky and leafy trees. Now for the humorous last word... the admin had nothing else to say strangely enough.

Thank you to all who contributed to this post. It was a basic Loyalist lie trying yet again to demonize the Fenian side. Luckily Loyalists tend to be fairly fucking dumb and think because they swear to something then that makes it real, it's called proof people.

The 44 morons who shared the post thinking it was real could have the proof in front of them and still not accept it as it doesn't suit them. Don't worry, these people are well used to being manipulated and they don't have feelings like normal people anyway.  
Have these 3 months of protests not been ridiculous enough without making shit up to cause trouble? Do you even know what pride and self-respect is? ..... didn't think so.

Strangely enough if you go onto their Facebook page this post has vanished and I guess their apology has too cos that isn't up either. Lucky I've done this post.