Monday, 18 March 2013

Lets Hear It For The Boys

I've heard too many people making excuses for bad behaviour today. I heard the same thing about Prince Harry, "hes a young man and they can be wild before they settle down" he was 28 for fucks sake he passed the young man stage years ago considering how in the UK a 50 year-old can be called old.
At what age do you start to take responsibility for yer actions? It seems that if people think they can get away with things then they'll try it.

A 21 year-old was legally an adult at 18 but once they get into trouble they revert to the stammering idiot of a  12 year-old they were hiding behind their pathetic half grown attempt for a mustache.

The 16 year-old youths/boys who were known as good students and excellent football players will now be known as sex offenders all their lives.

It hardly seems fair at the age of 40 and still being punished for something they did when they were 16. I guess the lesson is to not go around raping yer classmates when they pass out drunk.  

 Homer Simpson is a funny character ..... until you see him in the actions of others and realise that life isn't a cartoon and there are real consequences for yer actions.

A fool at 40 is a fool indeed. 

Men-boys aren't funny, the late teens and early mid and late 20's seem to be the alcohol years now. So many good times you'll never remember, yer good times will be based on how bad you feel the day after.
Like alcoholics and junkies, you can't blame them for their actions.

As it says in the Bible of all enablers and boys themselves ........ Boys will be boys.