Friday, 29 March 2013

Jim Allister Cunt Of The Year

Jim Allister is a Unionist politician and elected representative in Northern Ireland. A bit of a self important blowhard whose ego smells like egg and onion. He has delicately stepped in to support the fleggers as the police have arrested and scared off the ones before him. He doesn't say outrageous things and so isn't really causing waves.

Then you get to Facebook and find him in groups along with many other elected officials in government jobs and see that the group says, 'Taigs are not welcome' on it's public page.

Wow Mr Allister yer a real balls out sectarian cunt. Why don't you go and give legal advice to the fleggers next.... he did but it isn't as it seems.

Mr Allister may be a bigoted cunt but hes a playa. The fleggers have been played since day one and Allister is just doing his part too.
Why don't you tell them that it's legal to protest on the white lines in the centre of the road, thats a good one, go on tell them to be polite but stand their ground.

Yes we all know what will happen. I hope Allister gave them other words of wisdom and legal advice, hes a sneaky bastard that one, and unlike the fleggers he'll go far.