Sunday, 17 March 2013

Get Yer Taig On

Get yer taig on, get yer taig on, get yer taig on get yer taig on. Gettin carried away, while Old Knudsen isn't a Fenian cock sucker he also isn't a stupid cunt and if there is a party to be had hes having it large.

The leaders of Northern Ireland Peter robthe People and Martin I'll have a Guinness were sent off to get them out of the way by the Secretary of state Theresa Villiers who is busy sorting the place out. It takes a woman's touch.
The pair are getting their taig on in Washington DC because today everyone is Irish .... well considering all the people of Northern Ireland have Irish blood in their veins they are anyway but still it's good to remember we are all the same people despite what politics several hundreds of years ago says. 

This day celebrates the death of the fictional saint St Patrick who allegedly brought Christianity to Ireland.... ya cunt, I'll drink to his death. 
Thank you St Patrick for chasing the Pagans out of Ireland but hey mate, ya missed a few.