Saturday, 2 March 2013

Flag Protests Come To An End

The campaign to get the fleg back up on the city hall has ended. The few remaining protesters just haven't accepted it yet.
All along the people have been used by the politicians by the paramilitaries and by whatever twat made himself a spokesperson for the people.

The campaign was lost when there was violence and then it was even further lost when the reason for the protests kept changing to nonsensical things they all ready had.

The Loyalists displayed an extra helping of stupid by not catching on to how they were being played though some suspected it but couldn't make the connections.

Mark Winters was making people think he was one of them all the while showing the protesters in a bad light and selling the pics to the Belfast Telegraph.

Jim Dowson a free lance bigot from Scotland came over when he saw the large crowds the protests were getting, he just wanted to raise money to fund his anti-abortion stance and holidays.

Willie Frazer, a dumb nutjob who would burn his own car just so he could blame the IRA, he aligned himself with the BNP in the hope he would get power and be the countrie's # 1 professional victim. He has a lot of competition as Loyalists keep trying to be seen as victims, they have no pride at all.

Jamie Bryson, a puppet for the UVF, they needed someone who was not afraid to speak up but Jamie started believing his own press and now he thinks hes some Nelson Mandela/Jesus type figure. A bitter wee spide until he goes on holiday and then hes all about loving the Irish.

Everyone else are just lowly foot soldiers and not to be trusted to be in charge.
Alan Shagger Hollywood, an aging sex machine (in his own mind) you can trust him with yer life but not with yer wife.  Known to many he will be all nice to Taigs if he has to work with them but once he has the courage of a crowd he becomes a tough guy sectarian.
His dodgy hair, crooked teeth and vacant not too bright expression tell you that hes well past his prime, probably has sclerosis of the liver going by how sickly he looks. Hes an organiser but doesn't have it in him to be a leader. You can tell how afraid he is by how high and loud his voice gets.

He'd sell you out for the ego trip of being classed as a leader.

Joy Ulstergirl Crawford is an orange skinned bint who thinks she is one of the guys. She has now been made famous by going up to the Stormont parliament building to hand a letter to Peter Robinson (who wasn't there) but a security guard told her that she had to take her flag poncho off if she wanted to go inside.

Any real protester would have said no but Joy meekly handed it over and entered the building and became even more of a laughing stock. I guess she isn't really committed to the flag issue and just loves the attention. A short, stupid, unattractive slapper like her probably has never gotten any.

Then you have others who speak bravely on their Facebook page but as soon as someone gets arrested they take their page doon in fear. Bullies and bigots really are cowards.

Yes the protests are over and the fleggers have lost. The only thing they hope to achieve now is to not get arrested. They aren't so big when the police actually do their job.

It's been an interesting 3 months and amusing to see the mistrust and infighting happening in public. Some of them actually believed they were doing it for the flag while many others were doing it because they hate Catholics.

One thing that has come from this is that the word flegger may become a real insult aimed at really dumb people.
Everytime a car in front of you is doing the speed limit and you want to over take you can yell, "out of the way you flegger."

The protest is like the end of a chess game in which the losing side has only one piece left while the winning side still have most of theirs.
Every move is thwarted and there is no real threat. It's obvious how it's going to end .