Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dramatic Fleggers

 Only a total dumb fuck would compare one day in Bahrain to four months in Belfast. 

Found on one of those Loyalist pages where they continue to play the victim and compare themselves to blacks during the civil rights days and Jews during the holocaust.
They also compare the police to Nazis because I'm sure the Nazis gave everyone a fair chance to stop breaking the law and I'm sure the Nazis also said please and thank you and made it a point to not get stuck in but rather take the abuse 'literally' thrown at them.

If Old Knudsen was back on the force he'd have himself a Boston massacre on the first day.

A protest did indeed happen in Saudi Arabia. CNN had the arrests at 161 so it's around 176. The protest was about the detention of relatives who have been jailed for years without having been charged, tried or given access to lawyers... They don't get a curry delivered to them if they go on a day long hunger strike (Jamie Bryson) nor do they have a tuck shop to buy fegs and sweets at.

Go on Loyalists tell me how bad it is .... you fucking pussies.

Ya wear Hollister and talk about free speech, yer constitutional rights and flying the flag all the time ..... you want to be American! Those are all American terms and ideas you've seen in movies.
I hate to break it to you but we don't have the right to free speech in the UK and we don't have a constitution. Oh and while were at it stop saying  These colours will not run cos that is an American expression. You can have We are the people  as the Yanks say We the people.

You go on about culture and heritage but do you even have a clue or did you just get yer values and history from the Die Hard movies? 
Stupid paramilitary pawns, thats what you are ... nothing more.  

Here is what happens when fleggers protest outside police head quarters in Northern Ireland. OMG the horror, the violence, make the suffering stop!!!!!

Here is what happens to a protest outside the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution in the town of Buraidah. The police are scooping them up not playing ring around the rosy..... many weemen had their kids with them and the children were taken too. 

Protests a week later were a lot more fun.

It is a little embarrassing. Amnesty International have gone nuts over the Bahrain arrests and rightly so while the Northern Ireland fleggers got told in a polite way wise up. you have no idea about humans rights abuse, stop contacting us.

If you want to be American this is what happens to nice white US protesters when they don't move. Have you ever been pepper sprayed by the police? The beating and the dragging off comes next.

Don't you dare compare yerselves to the Jews during the Holocaust. The very idea of it is not only disrespectful but disgusting and belittles what they went through.

If you want to compare yerselves to the Jews then make it the Jewish resistance after WWII. The Stern gang and the Irgun loved to shoot and hang British soldiers. Or you can be the Jews of today with their deep bigoted hatred of the Palestinians much like yer own for the Catholics.

 In 1948 the Jewish resistance attacked the village of  Deir Yassin, killing over 200 Palestinians. They called that "Operation Unity" I'm sure, going by the comments on all of these Loyalists sites you'd love to arm 120 of yer so-called men and gun doon unarmed men weemen and children during a surprise attack on a Catholic area at 4:30am.

I think I've made yer wee meme look rather silly by now.  Thanks for all the help you've given me.