Friday, 22 March 2013

Bummed Out Fleggers

The flag protests that have continued in Northern Ireland since the start of December 2012 just aren't working. The government doesn't like being told what to do by the under classes, especially they use tactics such as blocking roads and attacking the police.

Where else in the world would have put up with nearly 5 months of civil unrest like this? Not peaceful protests but in your face abuse and disruption.

Not sure who they are doing it for as it is their own people who are being punished and inconvenienced by everything they have done, they have not made any new friends and have in fact lost many of their own who have finally seen the stupidity of their actions and have actually secretly become anti-flegger.

The above picture shows a surprise protest while cars were waiting at a traffic light. A nurse, thinking it was an accident got out of her car and got abuse shouted at her and a cheeky chappy showing her his skinny white arse.

  As you can see the protest didn't move when the light turned green. The nurse went on to say:

“Right away they started shouting abuse at me and using vulgar language - the abuse was unbelievable. This one protester walked from the road to the pavement in front of me and exposed himself. It was out of the blue - he made a real ass of himself and just showed the mentality of the protesters. It was disgraceful and just demonstrated what they think of the rest of society.”

Of course the police were called because 'normal' people don't like this kind of shit, they have places to be and unlike 98% of the protesters they have jobs. 

This protest quickly stopped their illegal roadblock once the police arrived and moved to the line in the middle of the road which is not illegal as long as they are not blocking the way.

Like a bully who sees the teacher coming while they are in the middle of extorting lunch money from a nice kid, nothing to see here teach we were just talking. 

These ineffective demonstrations have not helped their cause or reputation any, in fact the cause has gone from being about the flag to unemployment and political representation, they aren't exactly sure just what it is about, their reputation has not changed but has been very much highlighted. The average flegger is a work shy, trouble making, poorly educated, sectarian bigot who drinks and smokes their welfare money and doesn't vote.

The excessive parading they do dressed in their various costumes, most of them with a military theme you just have to wonder what they are trying to prove and to who? Most of them wouldn't hack it in the army so dressing up and sloppily marching is probably the closest they'll ever get to it. In the army there is never always a pint waiting at the end of the day, it's a 24 hour on call job.

Many parades are to intimidate Catholics but the Catholics aren't afraid, they value education and laugh at you from their well paid jobs.
Other parades are in Protestant areas ...... thats like wanking while you look in the mirror. The numbers of people going to parades is dwindling too, sometimes there are more bandsmen than spectators. People have moved on. 

How can you reason with people that call themselves Loyalists but disobey the Queen's law? The Queen is not allowed to be political but has her office the college of arms to tell these fleggers her wishes.
The fleggers didn't like the answer so they did whatever they wanted to instead of what the Queen wanted.

Support is falling for the protests by the day, most of the likes on the Loyalist Facebook pages are from police keeping an eye on the members and fed up people looking to troll and make fun of the fleggers in the comments.

Many of the pages do not want any opinion but their own and delete opposing comments immediately, even the well written polite ones with valid points. Other pages just come out and say, "any comments from Catholics will be deleted" .... the trolls love those pages .... not that Old Knudsen knows anything about trolling...... but we are everywhere.

The poor fleggers don't have a clue who to trust.

Every now and then an unimportant politician thinks they can get something out of supporting the protests but why bother? these people don't vote anyway. It's getting yer name out there I suppose.

The serious politicians with power have distanced themselves and have told the fleggers to give up but since the fleggers won't even listen to the Queen.  

Give it up fleggers, it has gone on for so long that it's just really embarrassing, everyone is laughing at you.